Amputees dedicated to helping our clients forget they are wearing a prosthesis


Prosthestics in Reno Nevada

A Comfortable Prosthesis

 Imagine having a Prosthetic so comfortable – you’ve forgotten your wearing it!  Because our staff are also amputees we know what comfort should feel like.  The key to having a comfortable arm or leg prosthesis is the fit of the socket! We take the time to do it right!

Comfortable Prostheses

Prosthetic Limbs

We are Amputees Prosthetists who are dedicated to Helping Our Clients LIVE LIFE to the FULLEST! Our prosthetic fabrication facility offers a state of the art gait lab and robotic arm center. We work out of Reno Nevada, but we have clients nationwide!

Prosthetics that Empower

Amputee Prosthetists

Our staff of active, successful amputees has over 150 years of experience in living with prostheses and learning how to incorporate them into their lives. We walk the walk as well as talk the talk – and we’re here to help YOU.

Get to Know Amputee Prosthetics

Prosthetic Legs, bilateral, above and below knee


Our state of the art gait lab allows for us to train you how to best use your new prostheses and for you to fully test the function and fit. With an extra emphasis on testing and a perfect socket fit – you get a more comfortable prosthetic and you leave being able to use it.

Our team has the passion for what is new and innovative but we also have the experience to combine various techniques to create the optimum  prosthetic leg for each amputee weather above the knee, below the knee, bilateral  or multiple amputee. We pick and choose from all of the manufacturers products and craft the optimum combination of components for each prosthesis.

Prosthetic Arms, hands, fingers and cosmesis


We specialize  in upper extremity prosthetics, both body powered, robotic arms and myoelectric controlled prosthetics. Even more that that we provide a full service prosthetic armand upper extremity experience, from fitting to training. Robotics and myoelectric arms provide exciting new functionality,

We understand that follow up is one of the keys to providing upper extremity prostheses. We have a full kitchen and bath in our gait laboratory that is designed to allow the teaching of activities of daily living. You get to test your new prosthesis in real life circumstances.  Plus we also guarantee the fit of the prosthesis for one year.

Multiple Amputation Prostheses


Our staff is particularly sensitive to the needs of the multiple amputee. Due to our decades of experience we can assist with teaching the intricacies of dealing with multiple prostheses and incorporating them into their lives. We have had the privilege to work with hundreds of bilateral amputees and we find that their care requires a unique perspective not just on their prosthetics, but how their whole world is structured.

The most important factor in creating a good prosthetic is finding out what the individual amputee desires and expects, then matching available technologies to make it happen. We always combine the – all important socket fit -to every prosthesis we craft – since that determines comfort and usability.

Sports Prosthetics and Special limbs


Our experience allows us to create prosthetic solutions out of the box. Sports limbs are not just for the world class amputee, but also for recreationally active people of all ages. We create specific sports prostheses for everything from scuba diving to downhill skiing to bicycling to running.  Basically, if you can think of a sport, we can create a prosthetic for it!

Downhill skiing legs, scuba legs, running legs, cross country skiing legs, bicycling legs, hiking and climbing legs, as well as special arms for bicycling, kayaking, weightlifting, and many others.   Best of all – our prosthetics usually take weeks – NOT months – to complete.

effort for every client we work with. That's how we ROLL!