We have a unique team

This may be the most unique prosthetic facility in the world.

Where else can you get a prosthesis made where everyone involved in the process also wears one? Our staff of active, successful amputees has over 150 years of experience in living with prosthetic devices and learning how to incorporate them into their lives. We walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

Discover the difference working with a team of amputees can make!
Our experience and attitude help us create prosthetics that empower – YOU.

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A better fitting prostheses

Our philosophy of prosthetics is that it all starts with the fit of the prosthesis. All the bells and whistles in the world will not compensate for a socket that causes the amputee to be in pain. We are dedicated to finding the proper fit, suspension, and skin interface that gives each individual amputee the most comfortable prosthesis. There is no magic machine that makes this possible. It is done through communications and hard work using clear, skin fit test sockets as well as the latest in technology to reduce sheer forces to the residual limb.

Once the socket is fit we have a state of the art gait laboratory that uses video cameras to diagnose and assess gait patterns. We also utilize the Compass and Galileo systems to provide verifiable gait analysis designed to prove that the prostheses we create actually improve the life of our clients. In addition, our physical therapy gymnasium allows for training of our clients under controlled circumstances.

We have a particular expertise in several areas of amputation. In addition to lower extremity limbs, we specialize in upper extremity prosthetics. Our prosthetist, Anthony Zukowski, is a below elbow amputee himself so his knowledge base is vast and personal. Anthony specializes in body powered and myoelectric prostheses using the latest state of the art components.

We also have a wealth of knowledge working with people who have multiple amputations. Our innovative staff can think out of the box to help create prosthetic solutions enabling our clients to become independent.

Our mission statement:

Amputees dedicated to helping our clients forget they are wearing a prosthesis.
We create Prosthetics that Empower

When you forget you are wearing a prosthesis, you are just the same as someone without a prosthesis. This is our goal and we look forward to having the opportunity to make you part of our family of clients.


Rick Riley, Certified Prosthetist

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