Lower Extremity, Leg Prosthesis and Artificial legs

Below the Knee 1

Our decades of experience make us the obvious choice for the active amputee!

Let me emphasize that the key to any prosthesis is the fit of the socket! However, once that is achieved there are still critical pieces of the process that need to be addressed. All prostheses have to have feet and today there are hundreds of different prosthetic feet to choose from. If you go online, each manufacturer has the foot you need for just about any type of activity you can imagine. How can you decide which foot is best for you?

Our team not only makes artificial legs – we wear them

Because we are all amputees, we get the opportunity to try most new prosthetic products that are available to the industry. There is nothing like first hand experience to give you the most honest feedback about the myriad of component options available today. We make recommendations based upon our experience and what we know about you as an individual.

We also are not “systems Prosthetists” which means that we rarely use one manufacturer’s products for the entire prosthesis. We pick and choose from all of the suppliers to find the optimum combination ofcomponents for each amputee. We have a particular focus on reliability since there is nothing worse then getting stuck somewhere with a broken foot.

Below the knee 2New and innovative components and techniques

We are always trying new and innovative techniques so that we have the most up to date knowledge of all the ways to create prosthetic solutions. That may be a simple prosthesis with a cuff strap, or an elevatedvacuum system that uses negative air pressure to suspend the limb. We have fit lanyards and suction seal, as well as, old school super patellar systems.

The point is that we have the passion for what is new and innovative but
we also have the experience to combine various techniques
to create the optimum prosthesis for each amputee

Disarticulation Specialists

Due to our extensive experience, we have particular skills at the disarticulation level of amputation. Symes, knee disarticulations, and hip disarticulations are difficult levels of amputation to fit. We have the knowledge to utilize the advantages of the disarticulated residual limb and minimize the disadvantages.

Microprocessor knees and feet

We use all the latest microprocessor knees and feet and have had the experience of testing the Biom robotic foot. Technology is incredible, but the comfort of the prosthesis is still dependent on the fit of the socket.