What are orthotics?

Orthotics refers to custom-made shoe inserts prescribed by a licensed doctor of podiatric medicine, an osteopathic doctor, or a medical doctor after a medical examination and diagnosis. Orthotics are designed to accommodate or correct an abnormal or irregular walking pattern.

How do orthotic devices work?

Orthotics make standing, walking, and running more comfortable and efficient by altering the angles at which the foot strikes the ground. Orthotics placed inside your shoes can absorb shock, improve balance, and take pressure off sore spots. Doctors of podiatric medicine pioneered and are developing more high-tech orthotics

About Our Orthotics

Scott Snow was certified by the American Board of Certification after working eight years as an orthotic technician. He has been providing orthotic services in Carson City, Lake Tahoe and Northern Nevada for twenty years and he has been an orthotic clinic manager the last twelve years. As a Certifi­ed Orthotist he is a healthcare professional specially educated and trained to manage comprehensive orthotic patient care. This includes patient assessment, formulation and implementation of a treatment plan, follow-up and practice management. Scott will carry on our tradition of compassionate excellence in client care, adding state of the art Orthotics. His attention to detail and devotion to client education gives clients the greatest chance of success.

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