Sports Prosthetics – play hard and stay active!

Sports 1 rightSports Prostheses cover a range of activities

Sports prosthetics and prosthetic limbs are not just for theworld class amputee, but also for recreationally active people of all ages. We create specific sports prostheses for everything from scuba diving to downhill skiing to bicycling to running. Each activity requires a specific fit, component choice and design to allow the amputee to re-engage in the desired activity.

We have made multipurpose sports prostheses for multi levelamputees that allow them to interchange feet to accommodate the changes in activity. We use a coupler device that allows for quick disconnect access to the various feet that are used for specific activities. This cuts down on the cost and transport of multiple prostheses when traveling.

Expectations have changed prosthetic design and fabrication

Expectations for prosthetic design and usage have changed dramatically. All amputees expect to be able to be mobile and active. Not only the younger amputee, but also the very energetic geriatric amputee expects to be able to ride a ski, hike, bicycle, play golf, tennis, or jog around the track. Our energy comes form meeting and exceeding these expectations for our clients.

Our staff has extensive experience in athletics not just competitive but recreational. This allows us to share first hand knowledge of how to create the right prosthesis for specific activities. A short list of the specific prostheses we have made are:

Downhill skiing legs, scuba legs, running legs, cross country skiing legs, bicycling legs, hiking and climbing legs, as well as special arms for bicycling, kayaking, weightlifting, and many others. Basically, if you can think of it, we can create it.? See some pictures of sports prostheses here.

POur extensive experience allows us to create prosthetic solutions out of the box.

The most common sports prosthesis that we make is the simple swim/shower leg that is designed to get wet. This prosthesis allows the wearer to stand in the shower or walk into the ocean without fear of ruining expensive components. We make a lot of these for our clients. This simple and inexpensive prosthesis opens the amputee’s world up and removes the fear of a shower that an amputee can’t get into. More than any other prosthesis, the aqua limb has the greatest impact on the amputee’s life.